The Clean Break Program is widely hailed as one of the most innovative and effective smoking cessation programs in the world. Founded in 1983, Clean Break has enabled thousands of tobacco users to become happy ex-smokers. There’s no question that stopping smoking is difficult, and that you should take the process seriously. But with the right information and the proper help, stopping is something you can accomplish successfully and positively. We promise you a completely new approach to stopping smoking, with a dramatically different set of tools than you’ve ever had before. We’ll even teach you to how to not start again. It’s going to be interesting, and it’s going to be fun. Best of all, if you use the program and follow-up counseling thoroughly, you will stop smoking and feel good about it.

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Program Structure

The Clean Break Online Program is carefully structured, yet flexible enough to fit into your schedule.

The initial phase of the Clean Break Online Program consists of six online sessions, each taking approximately 45 minutes. Each session concludes with detailed homework and reading assignments. This homework is discussed in detail at the beginning of the subsequent session.

The first three sessions are preparatory; you begin to use the Clean Break Online Program to stop smoking at the beginning of Session 4. Sessions 5-6 are designed to help you get through the initial difficulty of stopping, and lay the groundwork for long-term success.


Clean Break teaches its participants to make decisions more clearly. Decision making is a psychological process that involves a discreet series of steps. These steps are largely unconscious in every day life. When people change these steps, or leave steps out, their ability to make effective decisions is impaired. This is the first thing that happens when someone becomes addicted: they lose the ability to make clear decisions about that aspect of their lives.

Enrolees use Clean Break’s unique cognitive behavior modification techniques to make more effective decisions about their addiction. Rather than avoid difficult situations, participants deliberately spend time in places they will want to smoke, practicing the decision making skills they learn in the program. Most clients experience moderate to deep conflict about these choices for the first few days, then the decisions quickly become easier. Facing, rather than avoiding, temptation quickly gives Clean Break participants real freedom; there is no need to avoid coffee, alcohol, or social situations where they will be tempted.

Much time is also spent during the program on personal responsibility. Stopping smoking is viewed as a choice freely made, rather than a restriction or deprivation. As a result most smokers are able to experience stopping as a gain, rather than as a loss.

Clean Break Online - Six Online Sessions

Clean Break Online – Six Online Sessions

One-On-One Counseling

One of the most important parts of the Clean Break Online program is individual follow-up counseling. Theory and practice are very different; being shown what to do is one thing, applying it in your own life is something else entirely. That’s where follow-up comes in.
The follow-up counseling is done by telephone. You will receive approximately three 10 – 20 minute phone calls during the program totaling 60 minutes: a 10 – 20 minute phone interview after you register, to create a profile of your smoking behavior and history, and to create a personal quitplan which will then be emailed to you. The next two counseling sessions will take place within the first week after you have stopped smoking. These calls are designed to make sure you understand the basic concepts of the program, identify any personal issues you need to concentrate on, and provide advice and support for using the program.

Program Cost

The Clean Break Online Program costs $149.


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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Whenever I think about stopping smoking, I get scared and find excuses to put it off. Does the program address this?

    Definitely! In the first lesson we will show you where this fear comes from, and how to defuse it.

  • Will I gain weight if I stop smoking with Clean Break?

    The real reason some people gain weight when they stop smoking is that they smoke food. They use eating to push away cravings and conflict. Clean Break will give you powerful techniques for resolving those feelings quickly. Most of our clients stay the same or actually lose weight.

  • I've tried everything. Why should I try this?

    This is different. All other programs we are aware of share certain assumptions and theories about addiction and smoking cessation. Clean Break is based on a completely different model of addiction, and uses a unique method for cessation. If you did exactly the opposite of what many programs advise, you might have something like Clean Break Online.

    For most people, stopping smoking feels very different with Clean Break than it has in previous attempts. If you were plagued with depression, anger, sleeplessness, a sense of loss, or other problems before, your experience will probably be very different with Clean Break. We are not saying that there is no difficulty in stopping smoking– just that you will have tools to understand and resolve that difficulty more effectively than ever before. You will also be able to experience stopping smoking as a gain, rather than as a loss.

  • What is Clean Break's Success Rate?

    Clean Break Online is based on the Clean Break  Smokers’ Treatment Program, which has been offered at hospitals, treatment centers, and in corporations for 18 years. All of our own studies and one major independent study have confirmed a success rate of approximately 35%-45% after one year.  Clean Break has proven to be more than twice as effective as the current gold standard quit smoking therapy  program.

Break the habit. Stop smoking in a new way.