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Clean Break Online is based on completely different principles than any other smoking cessation program. We do not use any aversion therapy, hypnosis, acupuncture, or drugs. Instead, we teach our clients a unique decision-making technology. This enables smokers to see what smoking is on a much deeper level, see through and discard the rationalizations and games that have kept them smoking, and resolve their conflict about whether to smoke or to stop smoking quickly and cleanly.

Clean Break Online Smoking Cessation Program

The Clean Break Program is widely hailed as one of the most innovative and effective smoking cessation programs in the world. Founded in 1983, the Clean Break Program has enabled thousands of tobacco users to become happy ex-smokers. The Clean Break Program was first presented in a hospital setting and than became a smoking cessation program of choice employed by some of the nations largest fortune 500 companies to assist their employees with their stop smoking goals and to allow the company to realize lower insurance costs.

In Clean Break Online all the information and course content remains the same as the formal Clean Break Smokers’ Treatment Program.

We believe the person who is ready to take on their smoking use will benefit greatly on an individual level from the information and methodologies presented in our program.

Clean Break Online Program includes:

  • How to stop smoking without gaining weight
  • Why resolutions are the kiss of death
  • How to neutralize your old justifications and excuses for smoking
  • How to stop rationalizing and be honest about this issue
  • Getting through withdrawal quickly and cleanly
  • How to break your emotional attachment to tobacco
  • How to handle a smoking spouse or friend
  • How to apply Clean Break Online’s principles to other aspects of life
  • Methodology

    Clean Break teaches its participants to make decisions more clearly. Decision making is a psychological process that involves a discreet series of steps. These steps are largely unconscious in every day life. When people change these steps, or leave steps out, their ability to make effective decisions is impaired. This is the first thing that happens when someone becomes addicted: they lose the ability to make clear decisions about that aspect of their lives.

  • Program Stucture

    The Clean Break Online Program is carefully structured to guide the smoker through a series of sessions and homework modules that will make not smoking make sense.

    The sessions are:

    1. Introduction
    2. I can Smoke
    3. Withdrawal
    4. How to Stop Smoking
    5. How Are You Doing
    6. Long Term Success

    Each session contains much more that the headings suggest. While we provide you with a suggested timetable, we encourage you to relax, read and comprehend the ideas as many times as it takes you to truly internalize the concepts before moving on to the next session. And don’t forget to do your homework!

What others say about us

Anne B. Renstrom

My husband and I recently took a trip to Hawaii. It was 12 hours from Minneapolis to Maui. Normally I would have been irritable and preoccupied with when and where I would get the chance to smoke. This time, thanks to the tools and techniques I learned from Clean Break, I was able to relax and enjoy my trip. Clean Break’s mature and intelligent approach to nicotine addiction made it easier than I ever imagined it would be to stop smoking. It’s been over 4 months without even a puff!! Yeah!! It feels so good to have my freedom back!!

Thank you very much for your guidance and support.

Anne B. RenstromRN
Jack Moser

I still find it almost impossible to believe, after so many years, dismal failures and disappointments, that I have been off smoking for 14 years — and have not touched a lighter to more than 200,000 cigarettes — thanks to Clean Break.

I would recommend your program to anyone!

Jack MoserCEO

I attended the Clean Break of Minnesota smoking cessation seminar about fourteen years ago. From my failed experiences with seven other programs, I entertained a healthy skepticism upon entering it. However, I am happy to report that after a twenty-five year addiction, this program proved to be a complete success. I have not smoked in fourteen years…

As a professional communication and industrial consultant for more than thirty years to major multinational firms, I am well aquainted with the possible problems of engaging outside consultants for long term training. I cannot think of any program which I would more highly recommend (including my own program) to any organization.


Roger Mosvick, Ph.D.Ph. D.

Fifteen minutes into your first class, I felt encouraged by your common-sense, no nonsense, rational approach. You taught me the skills that I needed to stop smoking with far less discomfort than I would ever have imagined. Best of all, you treated me like a rational, self-directed human being. For the first time, I began to feel like I was on top of my twenty year relationship with tobacco. It was a joyous change and that feeling grows a little every day.

When I refer patients and friends to your program, they usually ask me if I really believe that it works. With complete conviction I tell them, “If you want to quit, and you use what Clean Break teaches, you will quit and you will start feeling good about it immediately!”


Thomas CampbellM.D.

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